owner, founding architect

É1 01-4664 (lead-architect), TÉ 01-4664(energy speciaslist),

passive house designer (Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt)




2018                       DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) degree at the Technical University of Budapest

Sept. 2013               certified Passive House designer (Passivhaus Institut, Darmstadt)

2003-2006               Technical University of Budapest, Postgradual Master Course (Department of Public Building Design)

2003                          Diploma (Diploma Prize of Association of Hungarian Architects, 2.,Hauszmann Alajos Diploma Prize)

                                         (Department of Public Building Design; professor.: Ferenc Csagoly Dla)

2000                          FH Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, Germany (8th Semester on the Faculty of Architecture)

1996-2003              Technical University of Budapest (TUB, Faculty of Architecture)

1992-1996              Toldy Ferenc High School (H-1015, Budapest, Toldy Ferenc street 9., Hungary)

1984-1992              Budavar Elementary School (H-1014, Budapest, Tarnok street 9-11., Hungary)



Architectural Corporative Member

2012                          delegated member of the Hungarian Architect Chamber

July 2009                confidential open compatition of Herman Otto Elementary School expansion ;

                                  delegate of Hungarian Chamber of Hungarian Architets in the jury



Studios, professional practice

2014-                       Szentmary Architect Studio (

2011-2014              Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio Ltd. (

2003- 2011             Finta Architect Studio Ltd. (

2003-2007              Technical University of Budapest, Postgradual Master Course

2002                         Professional practice in Cet Bp. Rt.; leader architect: Zsofia Csomay

2001                         Professional practice in ArchitectStudio Ltd.; leader architects: Ferenc Csagoly Dla , Ferenc Keller


 2000                       Professional practice at ‘Becker und Becker IngenieurBro’, Braunschweig, Germany




2006                       Szab Hall Szeged, House of Arts Pecs (Finta Architect Studio Ltd.)

2006                          TUB, Exhibition of Department of Public Building Design

2005                      Szaloky Gallery, Budapest (Finta Architect Studio Ltd.)

2005                      Technical University of Budapest, Master-Course exhibiton