Diploma Prize of Association of Hungarian Architects and Chamber of Hungarian Architects (for graduated student of Budapest University of Technology and Economic, 06.10.2003)MEK
Alajos Hauszmann Prizehauszmann


                              Competitions and awards previously:

March 2017          Reconstruction and renewal of the Erzsébetliget Theater and Corvin Cultural Centre  (competition; Szentmary Architect Studio)

August 2012        Extension and reconstruction of the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts

                                  (international competition, 1st prize, architect designer, Vikar & Lukacs Architects)

July 2011               Office building in Alkotas street

                                        (competition, chief architect, Finta Studio)

Dec. 2010              Centre for Promotion of Science

                                   (competition, chief architect, Finta Studio)

Sept. 2007             Hotel on Adam Clark Square, International Open Competition

                                        (coperating with SAGRA Architects+ ApostropH)

2006                        esidential Buliding in Budapest, Toldy Ferenc street 32-36.;

                                       (special prize; architect designer, Finta Studio)

July 2006              Budapest’s Heart Architectural Competition (competition, Finta Studio)

January 2005      Family House competition (Postgradual Master Course)

Dec. 2004              National competition of Hungarian Castle; 3rd prize (architectural designer)

2004-2005            Expension of Corvinus University of Budapest (architectural designer, Finta Studio)

Sept. 2004            Office Building in Haller street (architectural designer, Finta studio)

April 2004             National Central Office Building of a Political Party

                                       (Competition of Postgradual Master Course; prized)

March 2004          Competition of New Subway stations in Budapest

                                  (coperating with Studio M-Teampannon; prized)

February 2004    High and Appellate Court in Győr (architect; 3rd prize; Finta studio)

January 2004      Library of Berzsenyi Daniel College in Szombathely

January 2004      Wienerberger, Porotherm Brick houses

                                       (Competition of Postgradual Master Course; 3rd Prize)